How would you describe your business to potential customers?

My business is focused around 3D design, and mainly aimed towards clients within the manufacturing sector. I’m normally recruited when the client has an issue with a current machine or process and they’re in need of engineering support, or they’re looking to design a completely new process from scratch. I conduct site visits, document my own findings and provide the solution using 3D models as an easy to understand illustration. The process is accurate, quick and cost effective.
I also provide reverse engineering services, light fabrication duties and lean manufacturing implementation advice.

What are you most proud of about your business?

My willingness to work with all different types of manufacturers gives me a specific advantage. It means I can use my experiences gathered from various sources to come up with cost effective solutions very quickly. I am also proud of the quality of my 3D work, it means the client can instantly see what is proposed. As no nut and bolt is ever left out, the cost of new materials can be calculated accurately.

3 words to describe your business?

Mechanical Design Services

How has CWebb Designs helped you?

CWebb Designs has given me the platform to advertise the knowledge and experience I have as a design engineer to potential clients. It means the client can browse through my previous work and make their own mind up in their own time about whether I’m suitable to undertake their project. I’ve never been interested in the hard sell approach.

What gets you most excited about the future of your business?

The prospect of working alongside others who are as excited by engineering challenges as me. The thought of my own hard work being able to build and grow a company capable of not only supporting my own family, but being able to provide jobs for others to support theirs.

Favourite YouTube clip at the moment?

Well, I’m of the You’ve Been Framed generation so I enjoy watching compilations of people falling over and such. I also enjoy watching most GoPro productions as I’m a keen action sports videographer.

Ways to interact with you?

The quickest way to reach me is on my mobile, I’m very happy to speak with clients over the phone. Failing that, and should people need to send me information with any detail, it can be sent to joe@cann.engineering

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