Confusing title right!? There’s got to be some niche keyword collection for dogs and photo editing.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick blog on how I keep my photo editing / visual effects / photography skills sharp. I absolutely love creating extraordinary scenes from everyday photos (kinda useful for what I do!). But these skills can stale and your passion can whither if you don’t keep progressing and learning new things.

Yes, you have the regular work schedule with these types of projects but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are pushing yourself. Especially as you only offer services that you know you can provide to a high level. Meaning you already know those skills. Don’t you want to be offer your clients something new and exciting? I know I do!

This brings me onto dogs (ah such a seamless link). In our house we have a lovely massive rescue Greyhound called Mission a.k.a Mish, Mish-Mash, Longbody, etc, etc. He is calm, relaxed and a handsome chappy. All top criteria for the perfect model. So naturally anyone who sees him wants to take a picture, including me! This got me thinking, it would be lovely to find a use for all these photographs. And this is where the film poster idea came in. Let’s make Mish a star!

It was fun and helped me tone up some of my skills, this time playing with blending modes and masks. Simple stuff but incredibly useful in the world of visual effects.

One thing to remember when doing this is not to spend too much time on it. Remember this is helping you learn skills and not a paid job. Have a play, learn something new and move on. Or do what I did and share it for ego points!!


Update 15/11/2018


Photoshop isn’t the only way to go on photo editing these days, there are cheaper alternatives. Check out this helpful article from Digital Software Products.

Also, this person took it a step further!

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